Saturday, January 6, 2018

Thought of the Day

Hello All Track Lovers out there.

This thought can be applicable to many sports and life in general. Everyday I see young athletes working hard to obtain goals that they never thought they would achieve. There is great joy each time they get closer and closer with every competition. There is thing in life called time. No matter how much we want time to move quicker or slower it will still be the same 60 minutes in an hour. Whether you are trying to lose weight, break records, or become a CEO, it takes time. There will be ups and downs, successes and failures. BUT, in everything you do, you must stick to it and work hard at it.

There has been a trend occurring with the young athletes of today. They come and work hard to reach an ultimate goal. They give their all, come to every practice, ask for extra practice, and reach a few short term goals. Once this happens, they feel that they have done enough. Excuses take the place of coming to every practice. Priorities change and when they come back to practice, they can no longer keep up with the rest of their team mates. Now they feel it is the coaching that is the problem. The same coaching that made them who they are today. The coaching that took them from ground zero and put them on the medal stand. Now...they need to find something different.

There are many quotes out there that express the importance of the first step in a journey. What these young athletes don't understand that it is the many up hill battles and sitting in the valleys in the journey that will make you strong and ready for the final destination. You must continue to work hard when you don't want to. You must show up when you are tired. You must keep your priorities straight. You must make the choice not to go to the party. You must make the sacrifice to forego hanging out. Success is a lonely road. You MUST remain focused on the goal and do EVERYTHING that it takes to achieve it.

Learn these lessons now and when life brings you hard times, you will be able to rise up and be strong and successful!

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