Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day 5 wrap up

Today was so full of excitement!! To start things off, our steeplechase  runners took to the track. Helen placed 4 and Lisbeth placed 6th. Abbi, Helen and Lisbeth dropped huge PRs. Paul and Manny ran a great steeplechase race. This particular race is tough and anything can happen. Way to persevere and keep fighting. Then our 800 athletes did amazing!! Leona 8th with a huge PR. She was two heats from the fastest and made it to the medal stand. Remember, always run your race and stay focused. Isaiah and Daniel did great in thier races. Arethea and Journey dropped a PR. Max was in the 2nd to fastest heat and ran his way to a 4th place. Krianne gave a fight and placed 3rd. Amanda and Emi did great in their shot put. Ianna moved from 31st to 9th in the nation in her shot put! Judah did great and Emi qualified for the finals in their 80m hurdles. This now brings the Thunder total to 10 medals so far!!

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