Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 8 (final day)

Today, our 13 and up athletes competed in the 3000m. Most of these athletes had huge PRs. First Bella and Paige took to the track. Bella dropped 6 seconds finishing with a 6 place medal while Paige dropped 14 seconds landing her at #10 in the nation!! DaMante ran a great race in his national competition and Octavio faught his way up and won his heat dropping 23 seconds. Alexis was up next, went straight for the lead, won her heat while dropping 27 seconds from her time. Next Logan was ready for the challenge. He dropped 33 seconds from his time and landed himself a third place spot on the medal stand. Manny and Paul ran a great race in thier national races. Lisbeth laid the law down. She dropped 6 seconds and earned herself a sixth place medal. TxMile Split was proud of the 4 Texas ladies on the medal stand in the 3000.

This brought the Texas Thunder medal count to 19!!! Way to go!

Looking forward to many more successful seasons.

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